Hailing from New Orleans we have Trey. Trey is the bar manager of Rawhide and very involved in the community. Trey studied at Loyola and enjoys long walks down dark alleyways. Come hang out with him sometime.

Terri S. Aqui

Terri S. Aqui is one of our most beloved. A great time in and out of drag. She also hosts karaoke at good friends bar on Tuesday night and again at cafe lafitte on Wednesday night. Come have a drink with her, she's sure to make you laugh.


Here we have one of our newest bartenders. Payton from Dayton. Dayton, Ohio that is. Payton is great for striking up conversation. Payton speaks English, French and ASL. We're glad to have him on our team! Come hang out with him at the bar.


Joey has just recently moved here to New Orleans and is one of our newest bartenders. He’s a people person with lots of charisma, and he ensures that all guests are safe and having a good time. Come hang out with him.


Buddy here is from Fort Myers, Florida. He also has the cutest dog named butterbean. Buddy's favorite drink is a gin and tonic, yum! Come grab a drink from him sometime.